Bits and Pieces: Food is Comfort

Sandy Jordan

I experienced a miracle last week. I felt led to call the people who had kept my spare. I expected nothing because they never returned my calls. Causally he told me “come pick it up,”  He had put a tire on the wheel, a tire that looked brand new...an apology?

I was happy. But, like Job something else reared its ugly head. My repaired electricity began malfunctioning.  This time it effected the whole room.  At first it was off a millisecond but grew steadily worse.  My friend and I have figured out how to keep the lights on and use the DVD player. He is going to get me a long extension cord and plug the satellite receiver in the bedroom so I can watch TV.  It’s not the best solution, but what else can I do?

Sunday after church I made a dash to KFC for some real fried chicken. Not nuggets, planks or patties but a drumstick. It reminded me of a question my sister asked me. Were all my memories food related. I did not have an answer. I knew my late husband was that way.

When he was little, his mom took him on a yearly pilgrimage to visit his aunt in KC via the train. He remembered seeing Truman strolling through the streets. He remembered the corn meal mush he had to eat. There was also the good Humor ice cream truck but best of all were the roast beef sandwiches his aunt packed for the return trip.

Food is a comfort. It is fellowship, nourishment for the body and soul, and a means of celebration. Eve desiring a snack ate of the forbidden fruit. The Israelite people craved leeks and garlic and God sent 40 plus years of manna.

Jesus’s first miracle was to turn water into wine at a marriage feast. Twice he fed thousands from a mere fish and loaves.  He shared the last supper with his disciples and instituted Communion as a remembrance of him.

Pictographs show hunting and feasting.  Murals from Greece, Rome and Pompeii depict feasting. In America, New Years day is Buffalo Wings and football, the same with Superbowl Sunday. Valentines day is romantic candlelit dinners. Remember the touching scene where Tramp gives Lady the last meatball?

Easter is glazed ham and sweet potato pie. Mother’s day, the mom is taken out to eat. Memorial Day, Father’s Day, the 4th of July, and Labor day are barbecues in the backyard. Blackened hot dogs and sizzling hamburgers. Hand cranked ice cream and lots of love. Halloween is a bonfire and roasted hot dogs and squishy marshmallows. Thanksgiving and Christmas is turkey and the fixings.

Food is comfort, and an integral part of our society. You can’t escape the pairing. Food equals memories. As for the electric, I can only hope for another miracle.  There is somebody, somewhere that knows what to do, and how to do it right without costing a fortune. Mm, that chicken was good.