The Shadows

Sandy Jordan

It is warming up. The crocus are putting on a glorious show. Soon it will be lettuce and onion time. I have survived the deep freeze. The pipes have been replaced, the propane replenished and God has blessed me with friends who has helped shoulder the finical load.

Sunday was the dinner to honer our new babies, perfect and wonderfully made. That’s where the shadows are creeping in. What future do they have? In all my 67 years, I have never seen the US government censor an author or their books. Some schools ban books for their immoral content, the students are usually in high school.

Dr. Seuss? Those books have been a staple item in schools for generations! There is nothing offensive within those pages. The books are filled with laughter and giggles. They fire a child’s imagination, stoking their love of words.

Home schooling my kids prior to public school, I used these books as a learning tool. All three of my kids are published authors. This banning is a symptom of our sick society. Mr, Potato head, a nice russet potato that has taught generations dexterity and to use their minds, is in the cross-hairs. This censorship has also erased a long running Christian based children’s program, because his sidekick was a Native American!

I am so sick of hearing how degrading it is to have a sport or school mascot created from our Native American lore.. There is no nobler an image than a native American chief or warrior. They stand for honor, integrity, and strength. It is an honor to be likened to those brave men..

This shadow of needless loss is creeping forward, it is wiping out generations of history. History that makes us who we are. A friend, who is well respected, was talking to friends the other day. Her words have been reverberating through my mind ever since hearing them.

“I am an American, I am white and will not apologize for being what God created me to be.”

In America we have never had to apologize for our race, our religion, and who we are! That mind set is pure communism. They have a generic culture, their government’s controls the school, the newspapers, and what is thought.

That creeping shadow is to be feared. They are attacking our children. Next, they will be banning the Bible, closing the doors of the churches, and imprisoning believers who insist on calling upon the name of their God. With my heritage of internment camps, I can feel the bite of handcuffs and the despair of imprisonment. Why, is this considered acceptable?

Is this our last Easter to celebrate freely the resurrection of our Jesus? Celebrating birth and regeneration. This hope that carries us forward? I am no conspiracy theorist but I am not blind to the shadows...are you? What life is our precious little ones going to have if this is not stopped and now. We must be heard, before it’s too late.