Marionville alums release album: They Used to Sing

Seth Kinker
Aurora Advertiser

What started out as two friends rekindling their passion for music has turned into a band as Marionville alums Tad Marshall and Kyle Miller just recently released their first album as the Marshall Miller Band.

The album, titled They Used to Sing, was released in late March and can be found on Spotify, Amazon Music, iTunes and YouTube.

Their band name simply comes from combining their two last names.

Marshall and Miller both played in a band together back when they were in high school and have been friends since kindergarten. But six months ago, Marshall bought a new guitar and got back into playing and writing music.

Marshall invited Miller over and that turned into acoustic sessions with Marshall on guitar and Miller on bass with Marshall describing their music as “folk country.”

“I grew up on this type of music because of my mom,” said Marshall. “She plays country gospel. I grew up playing old country as a kid. When Kyle and I started a band in high school, I despised that type of music, so we went punk rock. We were punk rockers.”

“It was just to give us something to do,” added Marshall on picking it back up. “On my days off it was like, ‘man I used to have this hobby and I used to play and write songs all the time,’ I just kind of got out of it and I was like, ‘we need to start playing again,’ And then every week it seemed like I was writing new song after song. (Miller and I) were sharing videos on Facebook all the time. I wanted better quality, so we actually went to a local studio, Audio in Motion in Republic, to record the album.”

Marshall said in the six months since they’ve been playing together again, they wrote enough songs for two albums before recording They Used to Sing and added a banjo player, Vance West.

West is a co-worker of Marshall’s and has been playing with them for the past three or four months.

“I got to talking to (West) and we liked a lot of the same music,” said Marshall. “I knew he had played, he told me he played in college in some jazz bands on the saxophone. And then he had told me he played banjo a little bit. And I said, ‘dude I want a banjo, I want that sound,’ He started coming over and we sat down and went through all the songs and he wrote out notes and he played with us at our first show.”

Their first show was at the Mulberry Tree Saloon in Marionville and they just recently played at The Strike Zone in Aurora at the beginning of the month.

Marshall told the Aurora Advertiser hearing his music on some of the bigger platforms has been an awesome experience.

“We have Alexa and I can tell her to play the Marshall Miller Band,” said Marshall. “It’s pretty sweet. I’ll have friends over and say check this out. We’re just a small local group and do little shows but it’s really cool to have stuff out there for the first time in my life.”

“It’s been great for us,” added Marshall. “I struggle with depression and I wasn’t doing something to release all that, to get all the stuff you’re thinking out. I was just holding it all inside. To get back to what I’ve done since I was, gosh, I started playing guitar and making up songs when I was in junior high.”

As soon as they get more songs together Marshall said the plan is to hopefully get another album out later this year or next as they continue to play shows with tentative plans to shoot a music video at Audio in Motion for a teaser song for their next album release.

On Apr. 23 and 24 they’ll be playing at the Roots and Radicals Music Festival in Seymour, MO.