Local author releases new book: Burn Notice: Recognizing Your Most Inner-Fire Purpose

Lee Ann Murphy
Garcia is the author of two bestselling books that will challenge and inspire the reader to find out what God wants them to do in their lives.

Aaron Garcia heard the voice of God. If he hadn't, he wouldn't have become a writer or an author or have two best-selling books available to share not just his story but to offer insight on how each individual can discover his or her own inner-fire purpose

His latest book, Burn Notice: Recognizing Your Most Inner-Fire Purpose, releases on Tuesday in print. It has already been available as an Ebook and it's not his first work.

Garcia is a nurse practitioner at Advanced Family Medicine in Joplin. He's married and is raising a family. He's worked and founded several ministries.

But his life wasn't always on track. Garcia shared his journey and how he came to write the first book. "I went through drug addiction and was down in a drug house on my knees crying out to God," he said. "I completely transformed my life and here I am a nurse practitioner which is a crazy, crazy story. In 2014 I started having this relationship with God and he started speaking to me and he said Aaron I need you to write a book about your life, about the things I've done in your life. He said if you write this book I will take it places it's never been before."

At the time, he says he had no idea how to become a writer. "I got a C in English," he recalled. "I didn't know how to write so I kept telling God, you got the wrong guy, you've got to pick someone else. "

But, for months, God continued to tell him to write a book and one day, he sat down at his laptop and began.

The result was his first book, a self-published effort titled "Confidence or God: A Testimonial."

Garcia had help - he heard from a former classmate named Tiffany Fox, who heard he was writing a book.

"She got the editor for me, she got the book cover done for me, she got everything done for me and I self published that back in 2015," he said. "From there, it went on to become a bestseller in Religion and Spirituality category on Amazon in 2015, that was a self published book - it did really, really well on Amazon."

But there was more.

"That was what started my writing, was God," Garcia recalls. " He told me to write books and it's now become my calling. Then He started talking to me about a new book and He said Aaron I need you to journal for the next three years what I'm going to do in your life so from there, I started hearing His voice, I started obeying and things started happening and I wrote this book. He titled it Burn Notice

I didn't know what that meant at the time."

Garcia described "Burn Notice", "It's a purpose driven book - it's for people who have found God but they just don't how to find their calling, they don't know how to go about their life.

The Lord wants us to be obedient and step out in faith so the book is full of examples and Scripture to back it up and stories and things that help people find their own burn notice."

In the book, Garcia writes, "Whether you realize it or not, there is a fire on the inside, just pressing to get out. This is what this book is meant for: to recognize this burn that is within you and to release it to the world."

"Burn Notice" was originally self-published but Garcia felt the Lord's direction was for him to do something beyond that.

"I actually wrote the book, self published that one as well, but what happened is I felt like the Lord was telling me you need to get this message out, it needs to be heard so I just started researching how to get signed.

He sent out book proposals to a number of literary agents, was rejected, waited a few months, and did it again. That time, he caught the interest of a literary agent in Colorado who thought the book had potential for great reach. He also knew a publisher that might be interested.

A few weeks later, Garcia was a signed author and "Burn Notice" had a publisher, Morgan James in New York. The publisher's press release also describes the book:

"Part memoir, part self-help book, Burn Notice: Recognizing Your Most Inner-Fire Purpose demonstrates the tangible ways in which living by faith has impacted Garcia’s life personally. A. M. Garcia’s enthusiasm for God and life are contagious, inspiring others to pursue faith as the driving force in their life as well. Offering practical, easily implemented steps for discovering purpose personally and professionally, Burn Notice: Recognizing Your Most Inner-Fire Purpose is a valuable guide for any Christian seeking more from life."

"Burn Notice" is available in both print and eBook formats on Amazon.com. It's also available in Neosho at all three Mitchell Drug Stores.

Now that the book is available, Garcia wants to continue to spread the message beyond church walls.

"I really want to get into churches, share my testimony and have a book signing afterward.

I used to be a man in a very, very bad spot. I was seeking world things and addiction. I was living in the middle of a drug house. Now you can't even tell that I used drugs because God came into my life and completely transformed me from the inside out. I want to share my message because I believe everyone has a purpose and that God wants to use everybody the way he uses me."

For more about Aaron Garcia - who writes as A.M. Garcia, visit his website at

https://www.authoramgarcia.com. His books can also be found on Amazon and are sold in several Joplin locations.