Dear Editor,

Aurora Beautification Company would sincerely like to thank Kenny Singer Construction and Doty Trash for their generous donation of time and resources to help make our demolition possible. Their consideration of ABC and community involvement goes above and beyond, and we are proud to work hand in hand with them.

Aurora Beautification is a company that is looking for homes in our community that are beyond repair and have become a hazard. This past house, although once a very beautifully maintained home, was now in total disrepair. Several issues with this property included the floors to the second story were very damaged and dangerous to walk on, the wood was rotten throughout the house and parts of the floor were falling through. The front porch was falling through, the house was loaded with fleas and the outside had asbestos siding that had to be removed.

Volunteers in the community helped with spraying for bugs, the removal of shingles and clean up. The major demolition which took two full days was done by Michael Singer's group of workers. All the hazardous materials were hauled off by the generous donations of Doty Trash. Together these two local companies donated a large amount of time, equipment and money. We greatly appreciate the community of Aurora and look forward to beautifying our area!

From the ABC members: Scott Pettit, Marcia Sadler, Brad Boettler, Jeramie Grosenbacher, Kelly Johnston and treasurer Theresa Pettit