Dear Editor,

In April, I spoke at the Aurora Rotary Club about the upcoming summer Come and Dine Community Meals. After my presentation, David Lawrence, Manager of Line Operations for Empire District (Liberty Utilities) came up to me and said that he wanted Empire to be involved in more community activities and if I ever needed any help to just contact him. I thanked him and said I would keep that in mind.

Little did I know at that time how much I would need Empire District’s help with Come and Dine this summer. We run six delivery routes each night during Come and Dine to those individuals who are not able to come in to eat because of being homebound, handicapped, have no transportation, too many family members to put in one car, etc.

Every church and Mercy that helps with Come and Dine is supposed to get drivers for three routes on the nights they cook. Aurora First Baptist always runs the other routes. This year, for the first time, we ran into problems with not being able to get enough drivers; illnesses, bereavement and an out of town trip created a major problem in delivering meals. I remembered Mr. Lawrence’s offer to help and called Marcia Sadler, Manager of Business and community Development for Empire, to contact Mr. Lawrence for me.

Did Empire ever come through! On five nights, 2-3 routes per night for a total of 11 routes, they delivered a total of 572 meals.

A special thank you to the following Empire personnel who helped with the deliveries: Matt Alexander, Joshua Crumm, Ernie Demster, Nathan Grimm, Cathy Hall, David & Whitney Lawrence, Brian Long, Marcia Sadler and Aaron Whitted.

Barbara Wommack, Director
Come and Dine Community Dinners
Aurora First Baptist Church