Dear Editor,

It's not a park. It's just a city property the street department has to misuse transportation taxes to maintain.

The sign says it's a park. A dedication ceremony declared it a park and a safe place for kids to play next to a busy highway with no fence.

Since the grant money fell through and no way to pay for the new park, it's now not a park. But wait, let's get a new tax to pay for the new park. The elected officials and appointed members that don't support our existing tax base want the ones that do to pay for the new park. Sorry folks, we're all maxed out on taxes. You can't just put a tax on the ballot. Statutes won't allow it.

Let's forget about another park. the one we have now is beautiful, functional, and everyone loves it. Except for a few "jerks." And let's all support our existing tax base to make our park even better. Marionville has very high quality businesses that support our park.

And while we're at it, let's cut out the boondoggle messes that a selected few keep getting into. It just wastes our time.

Dan Clevenger