Recently I was playing “Words with Friends” with our grandson. I hadn’t gotten a move from him for a few days, so when I did get the word he played, I sent him a message and said, “Hi. Good to hear from you. Love you!” I immediately got a message back from him that said, “Same."

We have a custom in our family of saying “I love you” very often. Our family is scattered to California, Colorado, Washington and Missouri. Every phone call ends with “Love you!” I suppose our grandson decided to make it a little easier by saying “same."

His doing so, started me thinking about how children are often the same as their parents. Each year at Mother’s Day, many mothers often wait in anticipation to see how their children will choose to observe the day. The truth is that it greatly depends on how their mothers observed the day in showing love and respect to their children’s grandmothers. They will probably act the same, have the same attitudes and pick up many of the same habits as their moms and dads.

When children see their dad disrespect their mom or vice versa, they will more than likely act the same way. If dad goes fishing or playing golf on Mother’s Day as though it is not a special day, the children are apt to think of the day as nothing special and choose activities for self-pleasure. If dad makes a big deal of Mother’s Day, the children will follow the example and do the same. Studies have shown that we tend to raise our children the way we were raised irregardless of any training in child rearing we may have received. In other words, we act the same as our parents act.

Children behave according to their attitudes. Attitudes are caught more than taught. It is so difficult to teach children to be patriotic and respect law when they hear their parents “bad mouth” our elected officials and the rules we must follow. It is difficult to teach children to be responsible and self-sufficient if parents are always trying to get something free. Can we really expect teens to drive safely if their parents continue to break the speed limit or are heard hoping that they can spot a patrolman before the patrolman spots them? If parents criticize teachers, can we expect the children to respect them?

As an older mom, I am continually surprised by the habits our children have that they learned at home. Our daughter, a single mom, always planned a nutritious evening meal for her two children. When we visit the homes of our children, they don’t start eating until we first give thanks. Each of our children reads his/her Bible. Each believes in prayer.

In spite of the fact that we each are given the right to choose as we want, it is indisputable that many acts, attitudes and habits are the same as those of parents. With this in mind, it would be wise for each of us to continually examine our own behavior.