New Year's resolutions: I have never really had a lot of use for them. If you are going to make a major change, why do you need to wait until January 1?

Now, I know for a lot of people it is symbolic to start at the beginning of the New Year. I have heard lots of different resolutions, from quitting smoking to not caring what other people think, and I have even heard someone say that they were going to drink more (I know this person and that might mean they drink two or three times this year).

I promised myself months ago that I was going to take more time for myself and my family over the next three years while my daughter is still at home. I know how hard it can be for parents to take time just for their children when the reason you work so hard and such long hours is for them. I will still put in the hours that I am now I will just have to find a way to fit those hours around my long weekend plans.

Now don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that people want to quit smoking, lose weight and get more organized, but have you seen some of the lists that are out there of the top New Year's resolutions? I saw a list the other day that in the top thirty was "quit playing Candy Crush so much" and "quit twerking."

I think some on that list are admirable and great ideas, like planning your estate or getting a mentor, but do you really think making a resolution to "stop hating yourself" is the way to start a new year? First of all, when did you realize you hated yourself and why did you wait so long to do something about it?

Everybody has something they don’t like about themselves -- I know I would like to lose twenty or so pounds and would love to get famous -- but I don’t need January 1, 2018 to be the starting point for anything I want to change in my life, because by February 1, 2018 most resolutions are broken. Sorry, but those are the facts.

Fewer than one in 10 people will make it stick with their New Year's resolution. So lets pick one we can do and then crush it. Mine for this year is to do better than I did last year. Not 10 times better, but just better. That means just being a better person all around.