n the wake of widespread conversation and even controversy over a bill filed this month in the Missouri House of Representatives by Ben Baker, Neosho, 160th district, the local Library Director discussed the bill - and how it would or would not affect the local Neosho-Newton County Library.

Cline doesn't feel that she or the library is under fire by the bill - or by Baker.

"Ben Baker made it very clear that this is not about his local library," Cline told the Neosho Daily News. "He feels (like everyone else) that his family is safe here."

Cline also noted that the library doesn't have porn so it's not an issue here. "The library does not contain "porn."  Our children's computers are not connected to the Internet in any way.  However, at people's homes, they hand their little children iPads and let them watch whatever they want on TV, then wonder what happened.  Porn is not a library problem -- it's a home problem," Cline stated.

However, like many on the local scene and across the country, Cline won't stand for censorship.

"We are against censorship in every way," Cline noted. "It is YOUR job to parent your children.  We will not tell you or your children that you cannot check something out."

In other parts of Missouri, including St. Joseph, libraries have had "Drag Queen Story Times." Cline mentioned this and said, "Ben has said publicly that his bill is about Drag Queen Story Times, but the bill itself is about censorship of material in the children's collection in the library.  We do not do any story times like this locally, but we are very proud of our collection and will fight to preserve your right to read whatever you wish for your family."

In closing, Cline stated, "No one at the library has OR WILL participate in trashing Ben Baker's family or his character.  I regret that this is occurring, but I know that people have been very passionate about this issue."

The Neosho-Newton County Library is located at 201 West Spring Street, just west of the historic Neosho Downtown Square and just east of Big Spring Park.