Come and Dine Community Dinners for 2019 are still going strong, serving free meals to anyone in the community who needs them.

These free meals for families will be served from 5:15 to 7 p.m., each Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, from June 24 to August 14.

Come and Dine is held at Aurora First Baptist Church -- 201 South Jefferson Avenue in Aurora.

Organizers encourage all who are able to come in to eat, but for those who do not have transportation, delivery is available inside Aurora city limits. Call the church at 678-3774 to schedule delivery.

Dinners are sponsored by First Baptist Church, Engage, Fundamental Methodist Church, Grace Lutheran, Holy Trinity, First Presbyterian Church, Orange Presbyterian Church and Mercy Hospital.

With the economy causing everyone to have to stretch every dollar, these churches and hospital want to help everyone possible. So, whether it's a family of one or several, all are welcome to come and fellowship and enjoy a full course meal.

Anyone who plans to take food home to eat is encouraged to bring a container (box, laundry basket, etc) so it will be easy to get it home without spilling.