Compassus hospice will be conducting training for persons interested in becoming non-medical volunteers, according to Brenda Smith, Volunteer Coordinator of the Monett office. The training will be from 8:30 am to 5 pm on Tuesday, April 23, at the Monett Compassus office. The office is located at 845 Highway 60, Suite A.

Compassus is recruiting non-medical volunteers to fulfill a wide variety of patient needs. Volunteers are most commonly used to provide patient and family support. To enhance the volunteer services available, Compassus has developed various programs designed to better meet the specific and unique needs of each patient. These programs include the Dream Team, the Veterans Caring for Veterans Project, the H.U.G.S. Bereavement program, the Chaplaincy Program and the ANGELS Program.

The Dream Team assists in transforming unfulfilled patient dreams into realities; the Veterans Caring for Veterans Project matches fellow veteran volunteers with veteran patients; the H.U.G.S. program lets volunteers follow the bereaved family after a patient passes; the Chaplaincy Program gives volunteers the opportunity to focus more on the spiritual needs of patients; and the ANGELS Program provides patient and family support in the last hours of the patient’s final journey.

Compassus also utilizes non-medical volunteers to assist with office tasks and as community educators. There are also occasional needs for volunteers with a special skill or background, such as handymen; carpenters; electricians; plumbers; barbers; hair stylists; massage, art, and music therapists; entertainers; shoppers to run errands; and restaurants and/or cooks to provide an occasional meal for a patient’s family the day the patient arrives home from the hospital.

Upon completing the Non-Medical Volunteer Training on April 23, volunteers will have the option to obtain additional training for the ANGELS/Chaplains program and/or H.U.G.S. Bereavement program.

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For additional information regarding Compassus volunteer opportunities and to register for training, contact Brenda Smith at 235-9097.