At its second meeting for the month of February, the Aurora city council quickly took care of business, passing the necessary items and discussing important topics related to the city.

The following are three of the key points and matters to come out of the most recent meeting:

1. Little Free Pantries -- In a special presentation to the council, Aurora citizen Kala Bailey asked the council's permission to place Little Free Food Pantries in certain points throughout the city.

Little Free Pantry is, according to its website, "a grassroots, crowdsourced solution to immediate and local need." The project's main mission is to combat food insecurity, a problem that has become increasingly prevalent in Aurora over recent years.

Bailey told the council that the city of Monett allowed the pantries to go up there, and since then it has been a "huge hit," with the community showing great support and involvement.

She also added that many local businesses are already on board with the idea and there has been an offer to have the boxes made and donated.

City manager Jon Holmes said because the pantries would be placed on city property, the council would need to make a motion to allow it. Said motion was made by Stephen Wiles and approved unanimously by the rest of the council.

2. Angled parking concerns -- Holmes brought to the council a concern from a citizen who had attended the previous meeting, regarding angled parking on city streets.

Holmes said the city ordinance states that all vehicles must park with the passenger wheel to the curb, but this is not always followed on streets such as College, Pleasant and Locust where there are no marks or signs to suggest it.

The city manager suggested the topic be revisited once the council has had time to review the ordinances and asked how to handle enforcement of the issue in the meantime. A consensus was reached that a public hearing on the matter would likely be in order, but no votes were taken on the matter.

3. Sales tax holiday -- As it does every year, the council voted in favor of the second and final reading of an ordinance declaring Aurora's participation in the Show Me Green Sales Tax Holiday.

The holiday will be applied to local sales tax in the city between April 19 and 25 this year.

On the holiday dates, sales of qualifying Energy Star certified new appliances will be exempt from local and state sales taxes. For a list of specific items that qualify, visit the state's Department of Revenue website.

Aurora's next regular council meeting is scheduled for 6:30 p.m., March 12, at city hall.