Dear Editor:

I wanted to make sure to thank all of those who had a part in making our 22nd Annual Aurora Rotary Chili Supper such a big success on February 1 at Aurora High School.

We had 10 Rotarians and eight students working and serving the community under the leadership of Jeramie Grosenbacher, president. We had one additional AMAZING school employee helping prepare food throughout the day -- Rhonda Boatwright. She helps us every year and we are so grateful. We were assisted by Sodexo employees Jason Jones and Wayne Morgan and by Tammy Childress, substitute teacher and community volunteer. She really filled the gap and kept us on our toes. Dual Credit, YEP students and the Leadership Classes made sandwiches and bagged cookies.

We had more than $100 in paper products donated by Sodexo and more than $166 in groceries donated by AHS Youth Empowerment Project and a local donor (so all money received was pure profit). We expect to clear at least $605. Well over 100 people were fed Friday night and Monday (teachers/staff) at Aurora High School. Students received extra sandwiches and cookies with their pizza at the Homecoming Movie Night event. Special thanks goes out to co-chairs Dr. Billy Redus, Dawn Oplinger and Jake McCully.

Appreciation is also extended to Aurora Schools, Paul Ward, Shannon Walker, the Aurora Chamber of Commerce, The Aurora Advertiser, KSWM/KKBL, the Monett Times, The Lawrence County Record for help with tickets, promotions, publicity and support. Shawn Briggs of Shiner’s made the chili and the soup. It was delicious. Love + Flour made our no-bake cookies. They were amazing.

It’s always fun to see our longtime supporters enjoying themselves before and during the games. Special thanks to Rotarians Brenda Lakin, Jack Muench, Bill Baker, Wild Bill Hillman, Jake the Snake McCully, Dawn Marie Oplinger, Scotty 2 Hotty Pettit, Granny Shanny Walker, Jeramie Grosenbacher and Billy The Kid Redus. You all made the magic happen once again.

Aurora Rotary is one of the town's oldest civic organizations -- with a 90+ year history of making a difference and paying it forward. Our funds are used to promote youth-based activities, scholarships and community betterment projects. The Rotary Chili Supper has become a nice tradition that folks seem to look forward to all year long. I know I always do.

As always, I am proud to be a Houn' Dawg, a Rotarian and an Auroran. Aurora is the best place on earth to live, work, play and serve our school and community alongside friends, family members and colleagues. You all make it easy, special and fun. Thanks to all of you who made the 2019 event another success. To date, 22 chili suppers have put more than $13,778 back into the community we serve.

Kim McCully-Mobley
2019 Rotary Chili Supper Chairman