Aurora FBLA high school and junior high students attended the FBLA Fall Show Me Leadership Conference in Silver Dollar City on October 13. The Show Me Leadership Conferences (SMLCs) offer a hands-on learning opportunity for members at the theme parks of Missouri.

Members from all four divisions may go behind the scenes of rides, games and attractions in a variety of tour options. Special tours are also available for those interested in marketing, park safety, human resources and more.

In addition to tours, members may sample a variety of individual or team tests to prepare for the competitive events program. A park representative also provides a keynote address and Q and A for a unique professional development opportunity, and members can even complete a business scavenger hunt through the park.

Students attending the conference were (back/left in photo) Colby Kessinger, Cesar Garcia, Gabriel Henson, (middle) Sarenity McCubbin, Keegan Koetzle, Ian Keeling, Stetson Medlin, Kelton Brown, James Schutte, Bryce Hediger, (front) Alyssa Costlow, Alina Olvera, Destiny Montgomery, Rosie Ackerman, Joe Hargus, Kyrstin Gold, Austin Ritchie, Dominick Harris and Abigail Schoonover.

The Aurora FBLA advisors are Patric Pettegrew and Emily Brewer.