The Aurora city council held its second meeting of August last Tuesday, despite missing a pair of council members -- Larry Marks and Doyle Ferguson. The meeting went on with three council members present for a quorum, and the following are four things to know from the most recent meeting:

1. Final readings -- The council approved three items in the old business portion of the agenda, all of which involved second and final readings of bills discussed at the previous meeting. After having passed the first readings at the first August gathering, the council approved the items with little discussion.

Among the bills passed were an ordinance levying taxes on all taxable real property for next year (at the rate of $0.3671 per $1,000 of assessed value), an ordinance to establish a procedure to disclose potential conflicts of interest, and and ordinance authorizing the mayor to submit and application for federal and state assistance for the airport. Details of these ordinances can be found in the August 17 edition of the Advertiser.

2. More on the airport -- With the passing of the second reading of the airport assistance ordinance, the council then passed two readings of an ordinance authorizing the mayor to execute a State Block Grant Agreement with the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission. City manager Jon Holmes said this step was necessary and must be submitted by the end of the week (August 31), so the readings were passed without much discussion.

3. Lots of splits -- Council members voted on two proposed lot splits recommended by the planning and zoning commission. The first was requested by Chester and Viola Kirk for three attached properties at 620 North Elliott through 720 North Elliott with an empty lot in between.

The second was from the city, for a minor subdivision involving 2 West College Street -- better known as the former site of the old creamery building, which was demolished earlier this year. Holmes stated this split was in accordance with state statutes and required a vote within 60 days. Both requests were passed on the first reading and will receive a second at the next meeting.

4. Demolition bids -- The council took two tries to pass a resolution to approve a bid for the demolition of seven properties. The recommended bid was made by Bumgarner for $39,500, which was a "red flag" to council member Don McWade, as the other bids received were for much higher amounts. McWade asked whether the city had used this service before, to which Trent White replied it had not.

With McWade's negative vote over this concern, the motion failed. But city attorney Ken Reynolds spoke up and informed the council that the city would be protected from paying for incomplete work by a performance bond written into the contract. This information in mind, the council amended the motion and passed the resolution to accept the bid.

Following the reports and a closed session, the council adjourned until the next regular meeting, scheduled for 6:30 p.m., September 11, at city hall.