The Verona board of aldermen gathered earlier this month for a special meeting to discuss in depth some previously tabled items from recent regular meetings.

The August 10 special meeting began with a continued discussion of whether or not the city should hire a new building inspector. At the previous regular meeting, Mayor Joseph Heck stated he did not believe a full time inspector was needed and that the city could hire out for one when new buildings were constructed or additions were made to current ones. Heck maintained this position at the recent meeting, and the council voted to make changes to the code of ordinances to that effect.

The aldermen also revisited the question of purchasing a new police vehicle. Chief Levi Neely presented options available from Government Fleet Sales, and after some discussion, a motion was made to set aside $16,000 for a vehicle -- half the amount coming from the public safety fund and half from the capital improvement fund. The vote was tied, with DeDe Hutson and Sheila Massengill voting "nay" and Michael Haynes and LaDonna Buzzard saying "aye." Heck's vote of "aye" broke the tie, and the motion passed.

Also in old business, the council unanimously approved an ordinance to repeal a fencing requirement for swimming pools deeper than 24 inches.

In new business, the board of aldermen:

approved a request by city clerk Laura Hazelwood to attend court training in September. passed an ordinance authorizing the mayor to hire a special prosecutor in cases that would present a conflict of interest for the city attorney. passed two ordinances amending the code regarding the planning and zoning committee. voted to pay $200 over the estimate by J&R All Services for previously approved ditch work. authorized payment of a $586 bill to J&R All Services for work done on a leaking water pipe outside the sewer plant.

Before adjournment, Chief Neely presented the board with a proposed mission statement to be displayed outside the police department door, which received approval from the council. Neely also presented options for new police uniform patches. The board then agreed on one of the options and passed a motion to purchase 100 patches.

The next regular meeting of the board of aldermen is scheduled for 7 p.m., August 28.