Around 30 percent of registered voters in Lawrence County came out on Tuesday to vote in the August primaries, setting up the ballot for November's mid-term election.

As most expected, the candidates winning their parties' primaries for U.S. Senator were Republican Josh Hawley and incumbent Democrat Claire McCaskill. Each performed about as well in Lawrence County as they did overall, as Hawley earned about 56 percent of the Republican vote, while McCaskill ran away with more than 80 percent of the Democratic vote.

The highly-publicized Proposition A failed throughout the state, as the "NO" option received 67.46 percent of the vote overall and 52.89 percent in Lawrence County. The result means Missouri will not be a so-called "right-to-work" state, which is seen as a win for labor groups and unions.

In terms of party distribution, around 82 percent of votes in Lawrence County were cast on Republican ballots, while 16.5 percent of voters took Democratic ballots. Just over a hundred voters took non-partisan or third party ballots. Each party's primary election winners in Lawrence Country broke down as follows.


State auditor -- David Wasinger, 32.73; Saundra McDowell won the state with 32.59 percent U.S. Representative, District 7 -- Billy Long, 54.33 State Representative, District 157 -- Mike Moon, 69.58 State Representative, District 158 -- Scott Fitzpatrick, 100.00 Circuit Judge, Circuit 39 -- Jack Goodman, 100.00 Associate Circuit Judge, Division I -- Scott Sifferman, 100.00 Associate Circuit Judge, Division II -- Robert E. George, 100.00 Presiding Commissioner -- Bob Senninger, 51.94 County Clerk -- Tammy (Cole) Riebe, 100.00 Circuit Clerk -- Pam Mieswinkel Fobair, 53.27 Recorder of Deeds -- Gary Emerson, 100.00 County Treasurer -- Kathy Seneker Fairchild, 100.00 Prosecuting Attorney -- Don Trotter, 100.00 Collector of Revenue -- Kelli McVey, 100.00


State Auditor -- Nicole Galloway, 100.00 U.S. Representative, District 7 -- Kenneth Hatfield, 32.39; Jamie Schoolcraft won the district with 40.61 percent State Representative, District 157 -- Loretta Thomas, 100.00


U.S. Senator -- Japheth Campbell, 100.00 State Auditor -- Sean O'Toole, 100.00 U.S. Representative, District 7, Benjamin T. Brixey


U.S. Senator -- Jo Crain, 85.71 State Auditor -- Don Fitz, 100.00


State Auditor -- Jacob Luetkemeyer, 100.00

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