The Lawrence County Health Department is excited to announce that the grant from the Lawrence County Board for the Senior Citizen Fund Tax will now cover the “new” Shingrix vaccine. The purpose of the grant is to fund Shingrix (Shingles) vaccine for Lawrence County seniors aged 60 and older.

To qualify for the vaccine, seniors must:

Be a Lawrence County resident Be aged 60 or older Have no insurance or insurance that doesn’t cover the vaccine Not have Medicaid

The vaccine will be offered Monday through Friday from 8 to 11:30 a.m. and 1 to 3:30 p.m. A $15 administration fee will be collected at the time of service.

Shingrix is a vaccine that is available for adults to help prevent Shingles (Herpes Zoster) caused by the same virus that causes (varicella) chickenpox. When the virus becomes active again in an adult, it can cause Shingles (painful lesions on the skin that may persist as nerve pain).

Ninety-nine percent of people 50 years and older are at risk for developing shingles, and one out of three people will get shingles. Shingrix has been 90 percent effective against shingles compared to the previous vaccine that was 18-51 percent effective.

It is recommended that you get revaccinated with Shingrix even if you have already received the previously available vaccine. Shingrix is not a live vaccine so can be given to immunocompromised patients if their primary care provider recommends it. It is a two-dose vaccine with the second dose given two to six months after the first. If you do get Shingles even though you have been vaccinated, Shingrix may help prevent the nerve pain that can follow.

The Health Department is located at 105 West North Street in Mt. Vernon. For more information, call 466-2201.