The Aurora city council held a short session for its first of two June meetings, passing all necessary items despite two council members being absent.

Two of the biggest ongoing projects for the city were addressed, as the council passed an item accepting a bid for street paving and amended an ordinance regarding sewer regulations.

In the first item of new business, the council authorized the city manager to enter into an agreement with Blevins Asphalt for the asphalt overlay of designated city streets. Several streets will be resurfaced, along with three city park parking lots.

Resurfacing projects will include:

College Street -- Jefferson to Elliott and Elliott to Rinker Locust Street -- Jefferson to Elliott Pleasant Street -- Jefferson to Elliott Springfield Street -- Park to Oak Highland Street -- Oak to Rinker Wolf Road -- Highland to Church Parking lots at Crosby, Oak and White parks

Money for the paving project will be pulled from both the park and transportation funds.

Council members present also voted to approve the first reading of an amendment to the sewer use regulations article of the code of ordinances. The amendment will add a section dealing with a new "Private Stormwater Mitigation Program" in an effort to work with residents to help minimize inflow and infiltration of stormwater into the sewer system.

City manager Jon Holmes stated sometimes homeowners install various items (sump pumps, low drains, etc.) to combat the problem without realizing that attaching such items to city sewer lines is in violation of the ordinances.

Engineers working on the ongoing I and I project have said those items can be helpful, however, so the city will be offering a program which will allow for such upgrades by private citizens.

According to the amendment, to be eligible for the program:

The real property must be located within the city limits. The property owner, or the owner's authorized representative, must allow public works department employees entry onto the private property at reasonable times to allow inspection of the existing private sanitary system and perform work to address the in-flow of stormwater into the public sanitary system. The property owner must agree in writing to the installation and maintenance of any equipment installed, which agreement shall be recorded with the Lawrence County Recorder.

A second and final reading of the bill will be voted on at another meeting.

Finally, the council agreed to authorize the city manager to execute an agreement with Jimmy Michel Motors for the purchase of a 2018 Ford F-150 for use as an animal control vehicle. The previous truck will be traded in, leaving the total price for the new truck at $21,899 -- a sum that was included in this year's budget.

Following the usual reports, the council adjourned until the next regular meeting, scheduled for 6:30 p.m., June 26, at city hall.