There are 41 million Americans struggling with hunger, and of this number, 16.4 million are children under the age of 18. One in six people in Aurora do not have enough food to eat. That number is one in four for children in Lawrence County. That is approximately 1,251 people in the city of Aurora that are hungry daily (834 children and 417 adults.)

According to www.HungerinAmerica; and the Aurora school system, the following is information about Lawrence County in addition to the above information:

3,525 children eat free and reduced lunches in Lawrence County (62.6 percent) Aurora’s free and reduced lunches was 63 percent as of April 2018 (1,294 children) There are more than 2,577 children declared in poverty in Lawrence County (not enough food to eat, few clothes, sleeping on floors, have no place to sleep many nights, living in cars, multiple families living together)

Many people rely on the school for food and do not know where to turn in the summer when school is out. The Come and Dine Community Dinners held at Aurora First Baptist Church are meeting the needs of many families in Aurora after summer school is out.

Aurora First Baptist, Engage, Fundamental Methodist, Grace Lutheran, Holy Trinity, Nazarene, First Presbyterian, Orange Presbyterian and Mercy Hospital are working together to help with this project. We are planning on serving meals every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights (except for July 4) from 5:15-7 p.m. starting June 27 and ending Wednesday, August 15 when school resumes. Delivery will start at 4:30 p.m.

We prefer that everyone come to First Baptist to eat, but if you are unable to come because of physical disabilities or don’t have transportation, delivery is possible. Call First Baptist Church at 678-3774 to schedule for delivery. Just remember that you will not have as much food as those who eat in because of the size of the Styrofoam delivery boxes.

We will serve meals to children, families, single individuals, senior citizens and the homeless at our meals -- anyone who needs to eat.

If you plan on taking the food home to eat, please bring some kind of container to carry the food home such as a box or clothes basket.

Call Aurora First Baptist at 678-3774 if you have questions about Come and Dine.