Residents of Marionville will soon have a special place to spend some time outdoors, thanks in part to a generous citizen.

In 2014, the city of Marionville received a donation of five acres of land from Earnestine Ludwig. A stipulation of receiving the land required it to be used for children. Those desires of Ms. Ludwig began to be realized in September of 2017, as a planning board was suggested by the Marionville board of aldermen and has met monthly since that time.

Larry Ludwig, husband of the donor, was elected chairman and has worked with committee members to proceed with plans for the park. The park has been named Logan Park -- using Ms. Ludwig’s maiden name -- and is located on East Benton Street in Marionville.

Plans were to proceed with a walking trail, tree and shrub planting, pavilions for family outings a playground and a water park for children. The interior of the park will be available for a soccer field, car shows or other community events. On February 16, a grant application, approved by the Marionville board of aldermen, was submitted to the DNR for 80/20 percent funding.

Empire Electric Company has donated 20 trees which will be planted at an April 21 gathering with will include a proclamation for Arbor Day. The gathering will take place at 2 p.m.

Citizens and clubs also may purchase trees at a cost of $65 each or may donate for shrubs, trails, park items or whatever they wish.

According to the DNR, grants will be approved in May and funding will be available in August of 2018. Everyone is invited to come to the park April 21, and join in the celebration.