The Empire District Electric Company urges customers to have a plan developed in case of a winter storm emergency. Winter storms can lead to a loss of power and heat, and it’s necessary to be prepared, especially if you or a loved one is medically dependent upon electricity for health and safety.

If a winter storm occurs, safely restoring power to customers is the highest priority and crews will work tirelessly to restore service. In these conditions, customers should remember to avoid downed powerlines which should always be considered live and deadly. If you spot a downed powerline or experience power loss, call 1-800-206-2300 to make a report. To ensure the safety of yourself and your family during a loss of power, create a safety kit with the following items:

Emergency telephone numbers Flashlights Battery-operated radio and battery-operated clock Additional batteries for all battery operated items Supply of bottled water and non-perishable foods that do not need to be heated Manually operated can opener First-aid kit and medications Specific items necessary to meet the needs of infants, children, elderly, and family members who have special needs Blankets and warm, drying clothing

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