The Aurora city council once again worked efficiently to pass five items of new business at Tuesday's regular meeting.

The first two items were readings of an amendment to the municipal code regarding the collection of deposits for sewer services. The amendment had already passed the council but was later canceled by another action and required reinstatement. Both readings were approved unanimously.

The council also approved both readings of a bill amending the 2017 budget to reflect the actual spending. The amendments to the general fund accounted for the separation payment to the previous city manager, the purchase of a vehicle for the fire department and an additional one-half year's salary for the new cemetery sexton. A separate park fund was also added and included the actual revenue and expenditures from the year.

In the final item of new business, the council approved a request by the park board to approve a donation of a park bench. Sis Ann Broyles wished to donate the bench in memory of her father, Ed Cook. The bench will be placed on the walking trail near or under the trees on the west boundary of the tennis courts and ball field in White Park.

After the usual reports, the council adjourned until the next regular meeting, scheduled for 6:30 p.m., December 26, at city hall.