Dr. Travis Shaw, former superintendent of Aurora R-8 Schools, entered into a Deferred Prosecution Agreement with the Lawrence County Prosecutor's office on August 8 to the charge of Failure to Report. Shaw is required not violate the law in anyway over the next six months. Shaw also recognizes the importance to report an incident to law enforcement immediately relying on their experience. Further, Dr. Shaw will attend a seminar on Mandatory Reporting requirements.

The charges were brought against Dr. Shaw after an investigation of an alleged incident in the Aurora School District. It is the State’s belief that vital evidence was lost due to a delay in reporting the incident to authorities.

"There seems to be a lack of knowledge of the mandatory reporting statute state-wide," said Don Trotter, prosecuting attorney. "While the majority of administrators and teachers understand the law, there seems to be confusion as what immediately means. There are many administrators who feel that they have to do their own investigation before reporting."

"School administrators are not trained or qualified to conduct child abuse/sexual abuse investigations. These type of investigations have led to guilty individuals to go free and innocent ones to suffer consequences they do not deserve," the prosecutor said.

Continuing legal education in the area will be given on November 27, at Mt. Vernon High School and made available to all educators in the Big 8 Conference.

"My office wants to thank Doctors Cook and Ladd of the Mt. Vernon schools, and special thanks to Jill Patterson for making this training possible," said Trotter.