The following items were taken from the Aug. 20 through 26, 1966, Examiner. 

• Bids will be advertised on a $140,000 project for building 60 overnight camping units at Lake Jacomo, said County Parks Director William Landahl. 

• Chase Manhattan, Irving Trust and Morgan Guaranty Trust followed the lead of several other banking institutions and raised their prime interest on business loans to a record 6 percent. 

• Willie Mays needs only 180 more home runs to tie Babe Ruth's magic 714 figure 

• The Lunar Obiter, America's first moon-girdling spacecraft, had its camera poised for the Aug. 21 historic picture-taking mission on the backside of the moon. 

• U.S. Air Force B52 bombers unloaded hundreds of tons of explosives on a suspected Viet Cong tunnel complex, arms factory and base camp 325 miles north of Saigon. 


The following items were taken from the Aug. 20 through 26, 1916, Examiner. 

• H.A. Gallagher, superintendent of the Independence Water Works, says that the consumption of water this summer is larger than at any time in the history of the plant. The plant is now and has been since the hot dry weather set in, pumping 1,500,000 gallons of water. The ordinary consumption is about 700,000 gallons a day. That means right around 125 gallons a day is being used for every man, woman and child in Independence. 

• Automobiles are not much higher in price today than family carriages were forty years ago. In 1878, Dan Halleran, who now conducts a blacksmith and repair shop on East Maple, worked for Lamdrum Bros. at Waverly and help to make buggies that cost $275. Family carriages of the best make in those days cost $600 and street hacks sold for $700 to $1500. The automobile has put the family carriage almost completely out of the game, and it has the buggy and spring wagon also on the run. Repair work and horse shoeing however, have kept up, said Halleran. 

• Ernest Sorkey, a negro traveler, came to Independence to visit the fair and will remain the guest of the city for 90 days. Officer Charles Ritchie was working at the fair grounds when he saw Sorkey with a valise and Sorkey saw the officer and hid the evidence. Ritchie made him produce his baggage, which was found to contain 10 full bottles of amber color liquid. He said he didn't know nothin' about the local option law. Sorkey was given the right to sleep nights at the city calaboose while working on the streets by day. 

• There's a new way of getting the best of that tricky memory – The old method of tying a string about the finger to recall to mind some task to be done has been done away with. The new way is to transfer a ring from one finger to another. On the accustomed finger the ring feels natural and does not cause annoyance, but on any other finger it slightly irritates. This irritation constantly will aid in recalling the task to be done. Just try it once. 

– Jillayne Ritchie