With the absence of alderman Michael Haynes -- along with the continued vacancy of an alderman seat -- the Verona board of aldermen meeting could not be called to order last Tuesday. Three alderman and the mayor must be present for a quorum to be established and the board to conduct business.

As the meeting could not be held, the bills and expense reports could not be approved, leaving city clerk Laura Hazelwood to conclude that most could wait to be paid until after the next regular meeting, scheduled for December 19.

Other agenda items that had been up for discussion on the evening included an updated renewal contract with Empire District Electric, in which an amendment was made to make the contract for 10 years rather than 20.

Also on the agenda was a discussion about placing the Use Tax on the April 3 ballot and a discussion on motor vehicle sales tax. Those items will also be pushed off until the December meeting.

The board did have a quorum for a November 21 special meeting in which a variance request was heard. Michael and Kyle Miller put in the request for variance in order to place a mobile home on their lot.

The mobile home, which has been modified to meed the needs of Mr. Miller following a stroke, measures 120 feet short of the 1280-square feet required by the code of ordinances. Mayor Joseph Heck stated the ADA may require the city to allow qualified persons with modified mobile homes to be exempted from the ordinance, and Haynes soon after made a motion to grant the variance. The motion was not seconded.

After further discussion, a motion by Haynes to give the Millers a "valid special permit" to move the mobile home to the lot. That motion received a second and was passed unanimously by the three aldermen.

Verona's December 19 aldermen meeting will take place at 7 p.m. at city hall.