United States Marine Corps Lt. Col. Stoney Mayock will share “Adventures of a Blue Angel” at a special meeting of Lawrence County Historical Society. The meeting will be held at 2 p.m. Sunday, November 19, in the chapel of the Missouri Veterans’ Home/Mt. Vernon. All interested persons are invited. The Society will forego its usual business meeting to allow more time for the lieutenant colonel’s speech.

Mayock saw combat action as an infantryman in Korea but most of his military career was spent flying operational, experimental, combat and flight demonstration assignments as a naval aviator with the Marine Corps.

During the Vietnam Conflict, Mayock flew 201 combat missions in the F4 Phantom and 29 in the F9F8T Cougar. He has flown over 40 aircraft. He flew his F11F Grumman Tiger for the renowned Blue Angels, participating in 150 air shows.

Among his many accomplishments, though, is coming back from a car accident that left him a quadriplegic. He endured five weeks in intensive care; five months of traction and four years of physiotherapy, but was able to become an accomplished triathlete. He competed in over 200 triathlons in 23 countries, including 10 Ironman Races.