The street department of the city of Aurora will soon begin performing regular brush and limb pickup as a service to the citizens.

Newly appointed street department superintendent Jason Jordan proposed making the service a regular occurrence at a recent city council meeting and received approval to perform pickups on the third week of each month.

"As street department superintendent, I do believe this is a great service to the citizens of Aurora and is not only appreciated but needed by many citizens," said Jordan.

Pickups will happen once a month, weather permitting, under the following stipulations:

Brush and limbs must be from the property, not hauled in from another source. Brush must be placed at the edge of the road on right-of-ways. No lumber or trash, including tires, shingles, wire or metal may be included, or the pile will be left and code enforcement will be notified to take action. Must be from regular yard cleanup or pruning of trees -- not from professional tree services. Once an area has been done, the street department will not pick up again until the next month, unless there is storm damage.