So, it’s been a while since I have written a column. I am sure you all missed me. I don’t often write about things that people should vote for or against, but this week I have something that I don’t think many people understand or even know about.

On August 8 we have the opportunity to pass a bond issue for our sewer system. The nice thing about this bond issue is that it won't cost you or I a penny more (the increased sewer rates will pay for the bond issue). This bond issue is just to allow the city to borrow the money so that they can start the long and difficult task of trying to fix our allying sewer system.

I know you have seen in years past the smoke testing that has been going on around town. Now, one thing I do need to make sure everyone understands is that this is just for wastewater -- not storm water. For years, the sewer plant was just barely getting by, and when we have heavy rains, some of that storm water gets into the sewer lines and is then directed to the sewer plant, increasing the amount of waste water the plant has to process buy millions of gallons.

Now, what everybody needs to know is that most of our city's sewer system is about 100 years old. If you live in town and have an older home, how long ago did you have to replace your sewer line? It is the same process for the city -- it has needed it for some time, and if we don’t start working on the problem it will only get worse.

You can compare this problem to the brakes on your car. When they start to squeak, it costs you $150-200 to replace the brake pads and turn the rotors. If you wait until they grind, you can add another hundred dollars easily because you will need to replace the rotors and the pads. If you wait even longer than that, you may need to replace brakes lines and calipers, which could set you back $500 pretty quick.

I know we are past the squeaking stage with our sewer system, and parts of it may need a complete overhaul. But if we wait any longer to start repairing the problem, we may not be able to stop our car at all.