Scott Regional Technology Center had six students attend the SkillsUSA State Leadership Conference on October 27-29, in Jefferson City. This year, the National SkillsUSA theme was “Preparing America’s Skilled Workforce,” around which the conference was centered.

The purpose of this conference was to train the local officers in methods of organizing and managing a chapter while also effectively preparing students for the workforce through personal and professional development workshops and trainings. During the conference, in addition to attending professional development workshops and preparing for championships, the officers prepared the local program of work.

During this time, Scott Tech representatives were able to brainstorm the activities that they plan to complete in the coming year, as well as make changes to activities that have been done in the past.

Scott Tech students were also able to complete three service activities for the community and brainstorm ideas to implement into their own program of work. Additionally, each student worked to complete a portion of the Level One Chapter Excellence Program. The Chapter Excellence Program (CEP) is a way that SkillsUSA honors chapter achievement relative to SkillsUSA’s framework of developing personal, workplace and technical skills. The framework actualizes SkillsUSA’s mission “to empower members to become world-class workers, leaders, and responsible American citizens.”

This was a phenomenal learning experience for the students, who brought back what they learned and are applying it to the Leadership Team at Scott Regional Technology Center.